Russkiy Toy - Russian Toy

In 2013 we decided to retire from breeding Russian Toys and enjoy them for their original and primary purpose, much loved family pets 



Sheena "Hotratz Camarillo Brillo" now a Champion

The First Irish Bred Russian Toy

and first Irish Bred RT Champion



Champion Hotratz Camarillo Brillo



Hotratz Maya 2012

Stefania at Hotratz X Bingo Konfeti



Welcome to our Website and home of the first

Irish Kennel Club registered

Russian toys, Hotratz Russkiy Toys, Ireland. 



Last Spring 2010 we had the first Russkiy Toys Born & Bred in Ireland and registered with the IKC!


Our Russkiy Toys, the first registered in Ireland, comprise imported lines from Lithuania, Belarus and Russia.  They share our home with our Abyssinian, Burmese & Singapura Cats,  and Black Russian Terrier in Dublin.  While we did breed and show, our four-legged family members are first and foremost our pets and companions.


The Russkiy Toy, formerly known as the Russian Toy Terrier or Moscow Toy Terrier, is a very tiny breed.  Similar in size although often smaller than the Chihuahua the Russian Toy is a very distinct breed. 


The breed was developed in Russia as a unique companion breed that had all the qualities of a larger dog without significant food, space and exercise requirements.  Ideal for people who do not have access to a garden, these little dogs can be toilet trained to use a litter tray.  The Russian Toy is indeed a big dog in a Tiny dog's body.


Two coat varieties exist, the original Russian toy - the smooth-haired

and also the long-haired. 

We only keep and breed smooth-haired Russkiy Toys and do not use long-haired dogs in our breeding. 


Our Affix "HOTRATZ" and our Russkiy Toys are registered with the Irish Kennel Club, affiliated with FCI




This Site is new and a work in progress and is constantly being updated so please bookmark us and come back to see our new information, photos and news









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