Temperament & Personality

The Russkiy Toy is a tiny dog with a massive personality, very much all dog. The name "Toy" refers purely to their size

No dog is or ever should be regarded as a toy in the "play-thing" sense of the word.


These are wonderful intelligent little dogs that, like any other dog, require training, socialisation and the best care and should never be considered as a fashion accessory.  Russkiys are incredibly playful, but bear in mind that they are TINY.  Such a small dog can maintain serious injuries if dropped or exposed to rough play so we do not recommend children play with the dogs unsupervised 

Stesha with her friend Ambra (a Cinerco Del Etna)


Barbara and Dilly (our Blue Abyssinian) 


Our RTs have wonderful temperaments and live happily with our Abyssinian, Burmese & Singapura cats, our old Jack Russell Terrier, and our two great Danes.  They are a very sociable, happy and intelligent breed.