Our Boys

We Have three Russkiy Toy males:


Frankie "Bingo Konfeti"

 black and tan boy from Lithuania



Christy "Volga Sharm Krasavchik at HotRatz"

our handsome red sable boy from Russia



Brick "Hotratz Red Rooster"

Bred by us from

Stefania at Hotratz


Bingo Konfeti  


Our Girls

Our Girls include the Beautiful red Stesha "Stefania at HotRatz" from Russia

Barbara "Vega Super Star Londonas" - a black and tan girl from Lithuania

and Petra "Ismisha Petra O'Sharle" our brown and tan bitch from Belarus.

And Last but not Least our home bred Black & Tan girl

Sheena "Champion HotRatz Camarillo Brillo"



 "Stefania at HotRatz"



"Vega Super Star Londonas"



"Ismisha Petra O'Sharle"




"HotRatz Camarillo Brillo"