Russkiy Toy Colours

There are six colours in The Russkiy Toy. Four of those colours show a solid base colour with tan points, and two are solid red in appearance. The four base colours are black, chocolate (brown), blue, and lilac. The two other colours are sable and clear red.

 Black and Tan


Colour genetics and heredity

The genotype (the genetic make-up) and the phenotype (what we see) are not always the same.  When we describe a dog's genetics colour-wise ‘B’ represents Black and ‘b’ represents brown/chocolate. So a black dog's genetic code can be BB or Bb as Black is dominant over chocolate. All dogs who are black will have ‘B’ in their genetic colour code.   Because ‘b’ is recessive to ‘B’, for a dog to be chocolate he must have two copies of the recessive chocolate gene and therefore be ‘bb’



brown & Tan

The dilute colours of Black and Chocolate/Brown are Blue and Lilac respectively.

D represents NOT Dilute and d represents dilute. The same principles as above apply here. Any dog with ‘D’ in its colour genetics cannot be a dilute dog. Only when a dog inherits two copies of ‘d’ does it show the colour of either lilac (dilute of chocolate) or blue (dilute of black). So a black dog that carries Dilute will be BB Dd or Bb Dd, while a Blue dog will be BB dd or Bb dd.  Once you are familiar with the gentic codes you can predict what matings will produce what colour puppies through simple rules of Medelian inheritance.




All Russkiy Toys have one of these basic four base colours.  However, there are two other colours in the breed, and they can partially or wholly mask, or cover, the underlying coat colour. In Sables, the base coat is partially masked and in the clear red the base is totally masked.  The colour of the coat and pigmentation of the nose leather is however a clue to the basic colour that is hidden by the red!



 Sable (Stag Red)